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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of the GS FITNESS online store

The general terms and conditions of the online shopping site www.gsfitness.eu have been compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the Consumer Protection against Unfair Commercial Practices Act (ZVPNPP) and the Electronic Commerce on the Market Act (ZEPT), as well as international codes for e-commerce with GZS recommendations. The GS FITNESS online store is an information system intended for the presentation and sale of products to the user. It is managed by the independent company Mign d.o.o., Slamnikarska cesta 1a, 1230 Domžale. The user is the person who uses our system, ie the customer in the online store.

Availability of information

The provider undertakes to always provide the buyer with the following information:
a) the identity of the company (name and registered office, register number),
b) contact addresses that enable fast and efficient communication (e-mail, telephone),
c) the essential characteristics of the goods or services (including sales services and guarantees),
d) availability of products (any product or service offered on the website should be available within a reasonable time),
e) conditions of delivery of the product or execution of the service (method, place and time of delivery),
f) all prices must be clearly and unambiguously set and must show or already include taxes and transport costs,
g) method of payment and delivery,
h) time validity of the offer,
i) the period within which it is still possible to withdraw from the contract and the conditions for withdrawal; in addition, also if and how much it costs the customer to return the product and
j) the complaint procedure must be clarified, including all details of the contact person or customer service.

Purchase procedure and technical procedures for concluding the contract

The user selects a product and adds it to the cart, while the page shows him a notification that the product has been added to the cart. If you would like to add something else, you can press the Close button, where you repeat the first step. When he has all the products selected, he has the option to change the quantities in the basket, which he changes with the + or – button, and he can remove the selected item with a cross.

To complete the purchase, the user can either log in / register in our online store, or fill out the form “DELIVERY ADDRESS” under item two in the cart.

If you choose to register, you will need to enter the following information:



E-mail address,

Phone Number,





Tax number (optional)

Company name (optional)

Enter password

By registering, the user gets his profile with which it is easier and simpler to make purchases.

The next step is 3. METHOD OF PAYMENT, where he chooses one of the methods of payment; payment by proforma invoice, payment via Paypal, payment by payment card or cash on delivery.

The next step is 4. DELIVERY METHOD, where he chooses the delivery method, he can choose home delivery or personal collection.

At the bottom of the page, the user can then view the content of the order, all individual amounts, quantities and delivery costs, and finally the total amount to be paid with all costs included.

If he is satisfied he clicks to complete the purchase with payment, otherwise he can move back up the page where he can still fix what he wants.

The General Terms and Conditions deal with the operation of the GS FITNESS online store, user rights and the business relationship between the company and the customer. By filling in personal data, the online store automatically creates and sends e-mails with order details (products, prices, quantities, user data (). With this, the order is confirmed and the contract between the buyer and the seller is concluded, the products will be sent to the buyer’s address in the shortest possible time (approx. 2-3 working days). In the event of a longer delivery time, the company notifies the customer of the delivery time by e-mail or telephone.

The purchase contract between the company and the buyer is concluded at the moment when the company confirms the order and undertakes to settle the goods in various forms of payment. (after takeover, Bank transfer,…). Immediately upon confirmation of the order, the buyer receives an e-mail containing all the information about the customer and the company and the selected goods. (What item, quantity,…)

From this moment on, all conditions are fixed and apply to both the company and the customer. All orders (contracts) are available in physical or. in electronic form in the store and can also be sent to the customer at his request.

The invoice is received by the customer upon delivery of the products. The invoice includes a breakdown of the price and all costs related to the purchase, as well as a notice of the right to withdraw from the contract.

Technical means for identifying and correcting errors before placing an order

At the bottom of the page, under the ORDER SUMMARY, the user can then view the content of the order, all individual amounts of items, quantities of items and delivery costs, and finally the total amount to be paid with all costs included.

If he is satisfied he clicks to complete the purchase and confirm the order, otherwise he can move back up the page where he can still fix what he wants.

Methods of payment and payment

The company provides the following payment methods:

by cash or card upon delivery by the GLS delivery provider,

according to the proforma invoice to the account of MIGN d.o.o.,

via PayPal to the account of MIGN d.o.o.

Payment by debit card directly in the online store

Upon personal collection at the location of MIGN d.o.o. Slamnikarska cesta 1a, 1230 Domžale

Payment via PayPal
Pri načinu plačila preko sistema PayPal se na znesek naročila avtomatsko obračuna tudi 3% provizija za PayPal transakcijo.


All prices include VAT, and are expressed in Euros (€). Prices are valid at the time of placing the order and do not have a predetermined validity. We reserve the right to change prices daily, unless otherwise stated (example of promotions and special discounts).


Items have a warranty if stated on the warranty card. The warranty is valid following the instructions on the warranty card and upon submission of the invoice. If the product comes with a warranty card, you can claim the warranty directly from the company.

Prostovoljne garancije ne nudimo

Delivery / delivery time

The ordered goods, which are in stock, are delivered within 3-5 working days after receiving the order, except in case of higher force. For products that are not in stock, the delivery time is up to 15 working days after receiving the order. In case of a longer delivery time, we will inform you about the delivery time by e-mail or by phone.


Goods ordered in the online shopping site are delivered with a contractual partner GLS. It is also possible to pick up the ordered goods in person at the GS FITNESS store, Slamnikarska cesta 1a, 1230 Domžale. In the event that the goods are damaged during transport, contact the company, which will eliminate the problem as soon as possible by receiving a damage product.

Delivery costs: If the purchase for delivery in Slovenia is over € 50.00, the delivery costs (up to a total weight of max. 20 kg) are covered by the company, and for all other purchases up to € 50.00 the shipping costs in Slovenia are € 5.00 without other costs.

Packages are delivered to the desired address, which is specified in the order process. In the event that the customer wants to change the delivery immediately before delivery, this can be agreed with the GLS delivery service.

Packages can be paid for upon delivery under the following conditions:

GLS: Cash or cards at the place of delivery or at parcel machines, which are marked on the page: https://gls-group.eu/EN/en/home

The buyer can expect the ordered goods no later than 2-3 working days after placing the online order. The deadline from the previous sentence may be extended due to the actions of the delivery service over which the company has no influence.

Delivery abroad

Prices for sending packages abroad are listed in the table below.

CountryDelivery feeFree delivery for orders over
Austria10,00 €200,00 €
Belgium15,00 €200,00 €
Bosnia and Herzegovina15,00 €Free delivery in not an option.
Bulgaria15,00 €200,00 €
Hrvatska10,00 €100,00 €
Czech Republic10,00 €200,00 €
Denmark10,00 €200,00 €
Estonia15,00 €200,00 €
Finland20,00 €200,00 €
France15,00 €200,00 €
Germany10,00 €200,00 €
Greece20,00 €200,00 €
Hungary10,00 €200,00 €
Ireland15,00 €200,00 €
Israel50,00 €Free delivery in not an option.
Italy10,00 €200,00 €
Latvia15,00 €200,00 €
Lithuania15,00 €200,00 €
Luxembourg10,00 €200,00 €
Malta50,00 €Free delivery in not an option.
Montenegro15,00 €Free delivery in not an option.
Netherlands10,00 €200,00 €
Norway25,00 €200,00 €
Poland15,00 €200,00 €
Portugal15,00 €200,00 €
Romania15,00 €200,00 €
Serbia10,00 €200,00 €
Slovakia10,00 €200,00 €
Slovenija5,00 €50,00 €
Spain20,00 €200,00 €
Sweden50,00 €500,00 €
Switzerland10,00 €200,00 €
Turkey50,00 €200,00 €
United Kingdom15,00 €200,00 €
United States80,00 €Free delivery in not an option.

The delivery price list according to the selected delivery country is also precisely marked in the shopping cart.

In case of shipment and if the shipment is not successfully delivered (rejection, not receipt of the shipment) and the company is not notified in a timely manner (1 day), all incurred costs of transport and packaging are covered by the buyer. These costs amount to € 20. Cancellation can be notified within 24 hours to: info@gsfitnes.eu.

The right to privacy

The company undertakes to permanently protect all personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 86/2004), the Electronic Communications Act (ZEK, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 43/2004). All data obtained from the website www.gsfitness.eu will be used exclusively for sending information material, offers, invoices and other necessary communications. Data protection: The company is committed to the permanent protection of all personal data. In no case will the data of the users of our online shopping site be passed on to a third party.

Archiving contracts

The contract concluded between the company and the user is permanently stored with MIGN d.o.o. We send the pro forma invoice or contract in accordance with the customer’s wishes by e-mail or by regular mail if he so wishes.
Registered users of the site can see the concluded contracts (invoices) retrospectively in their user profile, but it is not available to non-registered users in the above-mentioned ways.


Če ima izdelek priložen garancijski list, lahko garancijo uveljavljate neposredno pri podjetju. Garancija se uveljavlja v skladu z zakonom in pod pogoji, ki so navedeni na garancijskem listu. Izdelku nujno priložite kopijo računa in zapisnik o okvari oz. nedelovanju artikla.

Prostovoljne garancije ne nudimo

The provider strives to the best of its ability to ensure the up-to-dateness and correctness of the information published on its pages. Nevertheless, the characteristics of the products, their availability and price may change so quickly that the provider fails to correct the information on the websites. In such a case, the provider will notify the customer of the changes and allow him to cancel the order or replace the ordered product. All product photos are symbolic and do not guarantee the properties of the product. We are not responsible for typos.

Complaints and disputes

The company complies with applicable consumer protection laws. The company needs to set up an effective complaint handling system and designate a person with whom, in the event of problems, the customer can contact by phone or email. The complaint is submitted via email to info@monster-bite.com and must be treated confidentially. The company must acknowledge receipt of the complaint within five working days, inform the customer how long it will take to process it and keep him informed of the progress of the procedure. The company is aware that an essential feature of a consumer dispute, at least as far as judicial resolution is concerned, is its disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the costs incurred in resolving the dispute itself. This is also the main obstacle to the consumer not initiating a dispute in court. Therefore, the company strives to resolve any disputes amicably.

The user is bound by the general conditions that are valid at the time of placing the online order

E-mail: info@gsfitnes.eu

The consumer’s right to withdraw from a distance contract

The cancellation of the order is subject to the provisions of the general terms and conditions and the applicable legal provisions on the return of goods. The provisions of Article 43. of the Consumer Protection Act, which stipulates:

The buyer may, within 14 days of receiving the goods, notify the seller that he is withdrawing from the contract (Articles 43 and 43d of the ZVPot). In the event of withdrawal from the contract, before delivery of the goods, the seller returns the purchase price within 14 days of receipt of notice of withdrawal from the contract, and the buyer has no additional costs. In case of withdrawal from the contract, when the goods have already been sent by post or the buyer has already received them, the seller returns the purchase price within 14 days from the day when the goods were returned to the seller.
The buyer bears the full cost of shipping and returning the goods.
The buyer is responsible for the reduction in the value of the goods if he opened the packaging or otherwise affected the reduction in the value of the goods, but this was not necessarily necessary to determine the nature, properties and functioning of the goods. Goods that have a shelf life due to perishability (food, other) cannot be returned if the buyer opens the packaging. The buyer notifies the seller of the withdrawal from the contract on the form at, at this link.

CONTRACT WITHDRAWAL FORM (transfer of the form)

The buyer must notify the seller in writing of the intended return, no later than within 14 days of receipt of the goods, by mail or to the contact e-mail address: info@gsfitnes.eu.

The company shall return the payments received to the consumer by the same means of payment as used by the consumer, unless the consumer has explicitly requested the use of another means of payment and the consumer does not incur any costs as a result.

In sales contracts, the company may withhold the refund of payments received until the returned goods are accepted or until the consumer provides proof that the goods have been returned, unless the company offers the option to take over the returned goods itself.

If the consumer has already received the goods and withdraws from the contract, returns or delivers them to the company or a person authorized by the company to take over the goods, immediately or no later than 14 days after the notification referred to in paragraph 1 of Article 43c of this Act. to only take over the returned goods. The consumer is considered to return the goods on time if he sends them before the expiry of the 14-day return period.

The consumer shall bear only the costs of returning the goods in connection with the withdrawal.

In case of shipment and if the shipment is not successfully delivered (rejection, not receipt of the shipment) and the company is not notified in a timely manner (1 day), all incurred transport and packaging costs are covered by the buyer. These costs amount to € 20. Cancellation can be notified within 24 hours to: info@gsfitnes.eu, or to the free telephone number:.

Familiarization with the company’s liability for material errors in accordance with Articles 37 and 37a, b, c, h of the Zvpot:

The seller must deliver the goods to the consumer in accordance with the contract and is liable for material errors in its performance.

The error is real:

if the thing does not have the properties necessary for its normal use or for marketing;

f the thing does not have the properties necessary for the special use for which the buyer is buying it, but which was known to the seller or should have been known to him;

if the thing does not have properties and qualities that have been explicitly or tacitly agreed or prescribed;

if the seller has delivered a thing that does not match the pattern or model, unless the pattern or model was shown for notice only.

The suitability of goods for normal use shall be assessed in the light of normal goods of the same kind and taking into account any seller’s statements on the characteristics of the goods made by the seller or manufacturer, in particular through advertising, product presentation or indications on the goods themselves.

The consumer may exercise his rights arising from a material defect if he notifies the seller of the defect within two months of the day on which the defect was discovered.

The consumer must describe the defect in more detail in the error notice and allow the seller to inspect the item.

The consumer may notify the seller of the defect in person, of which the seller must issue a certificate, or send it to the store where the item was purchased, or to the seller’s representative with whom he has concluded a contract.

The seller is not liable for material defects in the goods that appear after two years have elapsed since the thing was delivered.

A defect in things shall be deemed to have existed at the time of extradition if it occurs within six months of extradition.

The consumer who has duly notified the seller of the defect has the right to require the seller to: rectify the defect in the goods or return part of the amount paid in proportion to the defect or replace the defective goods with new faultless goods or refund the amount paid.

In any case, the consumer also has the right to demand compensation from the seller, and in particular reimbursement of costs of materials, spare parts, labor, transfer and transport of products incurred in fulfilling the obligations referred to in the previous paragraph of this article.

The consumer’s rights referred to in the first paragraph shall expire two years after the day on which he informed the seller of the material defect.

How does a real mistake materialize?

The buyer must inform us of any material error, together with a detailed description of it, at his own expense within the statutory period and at the same time allow us to inspect the item.

The right to claim a material defect in an article is regulated in more detail by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act (ZIsRPS)

MIGN d.o.o. does not recognize any out-of-court process from out-of-court settlement of consumer proceedings under Article 32 of Article ZisRPS.

Link to the European website for online dispute resolution for consumers:



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